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Unlike other companies, we aren’t realtors and we don’t focus our best efforts on home sales. We are 100% laser-focused on short term rentals. This is our expertise and it shows in the quality of our work and in the satisfaction of our homeowners.

Expert In-House Revenue Management

Our in-house revenue management allows us to maximize the potential earnings of each reservation. We use industry-leading tools to adjust our rental rates using hyper-local market data, real-time supply and demand, and historical performance data. Let the numbers do the talking! On average, we are proud of our 71% paid occupancy across all our inventory— a feat 31% higher than the market average for all homes and 52% higher for two bedroom condos. Even so, our average rental rate is 39% higher than the market average.


Multi-Channel Marketing System

No other company in Anna Maria Island can get your home in front of as many shoppers as we can. We list our homes on more than 100 booking channels across the web— and that number is growing every day. From major players like Airbnb and VRBO to niche booking channels, we splash our listings across every booking platform we can find.

Direct Booking Website

Our direct website is also available for guest bookings, giving our company greater control and visibility over incoming arrivals. On average, between one-half and two-thirds of our bookings are made directly through our direct booking website. Many of these reservations are made to repeat guests, who know and trust the experience we have to offer.

Engaging Repeat Renters

With every guest that stays with us, our goal is to convert them into lifelong guests that return to visit us year-after-year. To do so, we implement automated emails to them 2-days after their departure, and then again 2 and 6 months down the line to see if they would like to book a second stay. This strategy boosts the reliable, repeat revenue coming in for our owners.

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